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ISAF Training Scholarship

The ISAF Training Scholarship is hosted at Rockley Academy in the UK.

The 8-week course is primarily aimed at enabling candidates to produce an extensive national sail training development plan that focuses on increasing grassroots participation in sailing within their own home nation working under the auspices of their own National Sailing Federation. 

The ISAF Scholarship is structured to give the candidate the competencies and knowledge needed to perform the role of the National Training Manager within their National Sailing Federation. The National Training Manager’s primary focus will be to oversee and manage the development of a National Learn to Sail Training programme. The Training Manager will also be responsible for the training of the Instructors and the accreditation of a national network of sail training centres.

 The development of a sustainable Learn to Sail training programme will facilitate the promotion of sailing at national and local levels and give greater access for all with the ultimate aim of increasing participation.

Follow the course particpants on their eight week journey through the dedicated ISAF Training Scholarship Facebook group and Rockley International Blog.


Next Scholarship Dates: 5th September 2011 - 28th October 2011


Application Process: Please email for for a guide to applying for the ISAF Training Scholarship



 All training that occurs at Rockley Academy is recognised by the RYA and is in line with ISAF Recognised Training Accreditation Standards